Virtual Reality Montreal

Welcome to iVR Amusement in Montreal! Explore over 16 captivating VR attractions, from action-packed games to thrilling races and intriguing escape rooms. Affordable rates, group packages available. Book now and dive into the world of virtual reality!
VR Game
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Attraction VR Spaceship

Embark on the VR Spaceship Attraction and explore the far reaches of the universe in an immersive virtual reality adventure.

VR Game
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Attraction VR Boombox

Feel the rhythm of the VR Boombox Attraction, a virtual reality experience combining music, movement, and thrilling sensations.

Deffence 4X
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Attraction VR Deffence 4x

Face the invasion in the VR Deffence 4x Attraction, where your mission is to defend your territory in an exhilarating VR experience.

VR shooter game
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Attraction VR GUNNER

Grab your weapons and dive into the VR GUNNER Action, an immersive attraction that puts you in the heart of intense virtual reality battles.

VR Game
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VR Attraction - Kids

Family fun guaranteed! Launch balls at enemies appearing on the wall and enjoy interactive wall games.

simulateur de combat
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VR Attraction - 2 Warrior

Explore the endless world of VR games with 2 Warrior. An attraction suitable for all ages with a constantly evolving game library.

VR flight simulator
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VR Attraction - Flight

Dive into endless parallel realities with VR Flight. Cutting-edge motion engines for a standing immersive experience.

6 DOF VR Car simulator
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VR Attraction - 3D Racing

Experience ultra-realistic driving with VR 3D Racing. An advanced simulator for car enthusiasts and young thrill-seekers.

VR Game
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VR Attraction - Wild West

Become a cowboy with the Wild-West VR Horse Simulator. Immerse yourself in virtual reality action games for a captivating experience.

2 Capsule
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VR Attraction - 2 Capsule

Description coming soon... Explore a unique experience promising wonder and excitement.

VR Game
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VR Attraction - F1 Racing

Become an F1 VR racer with this incredible technology. Ultra-realistic racing games loved by both kids and adults.

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VR Attraction - Mars

Special holiday attraction. Explore the infinite world of VR games with a constantly expanding library.

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VR Attraction - 360

Dive into endless worlds with VR Attraction - 360. Over 50 titles and a platform that rotates your body 360 degrees.

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VR Attraction - 2x 360

Explore infinite worlds with VR Attraction - 2x 360! Over 50 titles and a rotating platform for total immersion.