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Montreal iVR Attractions

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Virtual reality in Montreal

Discover iVR Amusement and its VR attractions

iVR Amusement is the first virtual reality amusement park in Montreal, Canada. We have over 16 virtual reality attractions to entertain your children, family, friends or colleagues. iVR Amusement offers you 2 free pizzas upon reservation of 10 people or more.

Our virtual reality attractions are exclusive that you won't find everywhere, a great experience to try. Click here to book your block of time.

Virtual Reality Montreal

Welcome to iVR Amusement in Montreal! Explore over 16 captivating VR attractions, from action-packed games to thrilling races and intriguing escape rooms. Affordable rates, group packages available. Book now and dive into the world of virtual reality!
VR shooter game
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Attraction VR GUNNER

Grab your weapons and dive into the VR GUNNER Action, an immersive attraction that puts you in the heart of intense virtual reality battles.

VR Game
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VR Attraction - Kids

Family fun guaranteed! Launch balls at enemies appearing on the wall and enjoy interactive wall games.

simulateur de combat
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VR Attraction - 2 Warrior

Explore the endless world of VR games with 2 Warrior. An attraction suitable for all ages with a constantly evolving game library.

VR Game
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Attraction VR Spaceship

Embark on the VR Spaceship Attraction and explore the far reaches of the universe in an immersive virtual reality adventure.

VR Game
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Attraction VR Boombox

Feel the rhythm of the VR Boombox Attraction, a virtual reality experience combining music, movement, and thrilling sensations.

Deffence 4X
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Attraction VR Deffence 4x

Face the invasion in the VR Deffence 4x Attraction, where your mission is to defend your territory in an exhilarating VR experience.

Explore Our VR Games

Embark on a journey through our most popular VR games, including Super Hot, Fruit Ninja, Pavlov, Space Pirate Trainer, Beat Saber, and Half-Life: Alyx. Regardless of your gaming preferences, we have something for every gaming enthusiast.

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Super Hot - VR Game

Immerse yourself in the frenetic action of Super Hot, a virtual reality experience where time moves only when you do.

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Fruit Ninja - VR Game

Test your ninja skills with Fruit Ninja in virtual reality; slice and deflect fruits with precision to achieve victory.

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Pavlov - VR Game

Dive into the intensity of Pavlov, a virtual reality shooting game offering strategic combat and thrilling action.

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Space Pirate Trainer - VR Game

Become a true space pirate in Space Pirate Trainer, where you'll face waves of enemies with style.

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Beat Saber - VR Game

Dance to the rhythm of the music while destroying blocks with lightsabers in Beat Saber, a unique VR musical experience.

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Half-Life: Alyx - VR Game

Immerse yourself in the captivating universe of Half-Life: Alyx, a virtual reality adventure redefining action games.

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Virtual reality arcades and attractions in Montreal
Virtual reality arcades and attractions in Montreal

Exciting rides to thrilling adventures - Discover the best virtual reality attractions in Montreal at iVR Amusement

Explore the future of entertainment at iVR Amusement, where innovative attractions, exciting rides, and immersive adventures await you. Book online now for a unique and thrilling experience!


Take advantage of our free pizza promotion for reservations of 5 people or more.

$ 39.99
4 - 12 years old
90 minutes
$ 59.99
13 - 64 years old
90 minutes
$ 39.99
65 years old +
90 minutes

Don't miss our unique experience: the 6 DOF VR Car driving simulator

Explore the best VR arcade games in Montreal at iVR Amusement. Our extensive range of games, combining cutting-edge VR technology, stunning graphics, and realistic gameplay, provides an unforgettable experience. Book now and dive into the captivating world of virtual reality.

6 DOF VR Car simulator
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Immerse yourself in the VR experience through the eyes of our satisfied customers.



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